About Zach

Little love for the Bro

I am 19 years old, and live in sunny Southern California with my Mom, Dad and brother Hayden.  I am a Senior at JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano.  Last year was a repeat year for me as I lost my junior year to the brain tumor surgeries and complications, so instead of graduating in 2018, I will graduate in 2019. I grew up like many So Cal kids and played baseball, basketball, flag football and Pop Warner football.



Summit wall ride

In addition to organized sports, I have a passion for mountain biking.  Prior to my tumor issue, I spent most of my off-time riding with my buddies Iain, Zach, Edward and my brother Hayden in Laguna, Aliso Woods, San Clemente and the Santa Ana Mountains.  I also made many trips to Big Bear and rode a ton at the Snow Summit bike park.  My ultimate is to get back to the level of riding I had before and go to Whistler to ride.

My immediate plan is to continue on my rehab and get ready for the 2018 football season.  I have a lot of work to do, but I am focused on being able to play.  JSerra plays in the Trinity League which is the most competitive league in the nation.  If all goes as I plan, I also would like to continue to play football after high school in college.  Once football season is over, I will continue to play on the JSerra Rugby team for the 2018 season as well.

As far as mountain biking, I am slowly starting to take rides.  I still have to work on my fine motor skills so I can control the bike like I used to, and with the double vision,  I need to compensate for not quite having the same depth perception.

My plans after high school include going to college and getting a degree in engineering.  I like to build things so we’ll see where it takes me.


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