Am I the same Zach?


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The biggest question I had for my neuro surgeon before the first tumor surgery in January 2017 was –  will I be the same Zach as before?

Well, I almost am.  I think for the most part mentally and personality wise, I am the same kid.  I do have a little bit of short term memory loss – so yes, I may repeat things  few times, but I can still read, retain information, do math and study my subjects.

No expressions or smile for now.

There are a few things that are different.  I have a few more scars and after my last surgery I have paralysis on the right side of my face. I plan to have a nerve reconstruction surgery to fix my face. This has affected my ability to smile and have facial expressions – so no I am not angry.  I also have a hard time talking clearly and eating certain things,  and I do stumble a bit as I regain my balance and coordination.  But for the most part I am good, and am the same Zach as before.

Should you treat me differently after my surgeries and what I went through the last year?  I hope not.  You can’t catch a brain tumor or any of my complications, I am not fragile so I won’t break, and I can do  most of the same things I used to,  just might be a little slower.

If you are curious about what happened, please ask me – it’s okay to be curious, a lot has happened in the last year and what ever I can share might be beneficial to you or someone you may know.

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