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It has been a couple months since I came home from St Norbert College due to COVID-19. As students, we originally were going to take two additional weeks off after spring break during the pandemic, but administration decided to cancel on campus school instead and we finished up the year on-line.

Being home for school has a down side, because I am a social learner and like to work with classmates, my professors and tutors 1:1, it was very hard to learn over Zoom when you are 2100 miles away from the campus. But like all the other college students out there, I did what had to be done and finished strong.

I finished my freshman year of college on May 14th, and to be honest, it just felt like a normal day. College work is pretty demanding, and now that my classes are over, I do not really know what’s going on because it still feels like I still have schoolwork.  It is a little weird and the circumstances are odd but I did it, and powered through as best I could.

Not only did it affect classes, but we also lost out on Spring Football where we put in our new installs and prep for next season.  But our Coaches are trying to create a bit of Spring ball by holding meetings for our new play installs and try to keep the linemen together a bit.

My Make-A-Wish trip to Maui was also postponed due to the outbreak.  I hope this whole lock down ends before September because if not then I will be 21 and Make-A-Wish does not grant wishes to kids 21 or older.

I feel bad for those who are graduating high school – especially my brother Hayden –

Hayden with his class and friends

because the normal Senior activities such as Senior Trip, Senior Ditch day, Camino Walk and Senior Night were all canceled. He, on the other hand, does not care much about it but did participate in the J Serra traditional Senior plunge at a friends house.

In other news though, this lock down hasn’t been all bad. I am able to mountain bike and build trails with my friends Iain, Zach and Sicky T (Tim) and get better at riding when I want.

Most of the trails in Laguna and around out house have been open and I’ve gone quite a few times.

I am also able to lift and train for the up coming season whenever I like, and continue to work on my footwork and rehabing my right side to get ready for next season.

Positive note, the NCAA said that voluntary athletic activities are open as of June 10. It looks like August 9th will be the restart date for the preseason camp for us though I am still keeping my fingers crossed.   I have hit my PRs in all of my lifts, I feel the strongest I have felt since the whole journey started in 2017, and I weigh the heaviest I have weighed in a long time. It is odd that I weigh so much because it looks like I have just lost a few pounds, but in reality, I did not by gaining muscle and not fat.

Other than that, I have just been playing video games (Call of Duty, Madden, Forza 4), making YouTube videos (subscribe Tumorwarrior67), and watching/uploading to TikTok (follow me @tumorwarrior67).


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