Normal for the most part… for a few weeks at least…


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For the next few weeks, I started MY normal routine.  Each day I got IV antibiotics every 8 hours – 6am, 2pm and 10pm.  But, one thing with IV antibiotics it makes you nauseous.  So the routine was Zophran 30 minutes prior to IV then the antibiotics then breakfast.

I also had Physical Therapy 3 times per week for 2 hours each time.  During PT, I had to relearn to walk, regain my balance, and reuse my right arm and fine motor skills.  Part of my routine included weights, hand to hand coordination where I touched my fingers to my therapist fingers, where my therapist had me stand across from him and he’d push me and I had to gain my balance and not fall over, I’d work with a peg board where I screw and unscrew nuts and bolts, I’d touch my finger tips to each other starting from thumb to index finger, then to middle then forth finger then pinky and back – over and over and over again – all to rebuild my neuro path ways and fire my muscles.

In addition to PT, I also did acupuncture twice a week with Dr. Ruth McCarty (Ruth happens to be Dr. Loudon’s wife) at Open Mind Modalities – I actually started the acupuncture as part of my treatment at Choc.

At home, I also would walk with my walker nightly.  My goal was to be able to walk from the house to the bottom of the cul de sac and back. My focus was on getting my normal gait back and keeping my balance.  As I got better, my dad put a strap around my waste to stabilize me and I would hold the walker off the ground and walk without its aide.

Keep in mind, a month and a half ago, I was playing rugby and mountain biking my crazy trails.  Now I was focusing on learning to walk and not fall over doing it.

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