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School is good for the brain

There really aren’t typical days. My hope for every day, is when I wake up, I feel good.

For the most part of the last year, I woke up everyday with a stomach ache and had to fight off nausea.  Sometimes it was controlled if I took Zophran, sometimes not.

Following my last surgery January 22, I think we’ve figured out the problem – acid reflux – it’s when your stomach acid backs up into your esophagus and causes pain.  My stomach ache is in the same spot every time, right below the center of my sternum.  Between the stress of the last year, the medications, and extended times without eating, the area of my esophagus that connects to my stomach probably has an ulcer.

So now I am taking Nexium (a protein pump inhibitor) and I actually for once feel pretty good in the morning.  What Nexium does is prevent the production of stomach acid and will give my pipes a break and chance to heal.

After I eat some breakfast, I press on with the day.

I go to school and take a full load of classes, I then go to football and work out, I come home and do my homework, then try to relax and play some GTA or Fortnight, watch a bit of TV with some popcorn and then go to bed around 1o pm.

On the weekends, I rest, enjoy good food and have started to ride my Mountain Bike again which between my eyes – double vision – and lack of balance some times, is quite the challenge or comical.

Part of my weekly routine also includes – Physical Therapy twice a week – work on my balance, strength, coordination, Acupuncture and cupping twice a week – open the pathways to healing, and Occupational Therapy twice a week – working on my fine motor skills with my right hand and arm – writing, eating and coordination. Remember, I’ve had to relearn all of these basic things I used to take for granted over the last year.

One of the  biggest factors in me feeling good is getting enough rest.  If I stay up late, I usually don’t feel as good the next two days.  Rest is the best thing for healing the brain.

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