Working on the Face – #halfsmilesarecool for even a little while longer – Surgery #15


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Right side sag, 1/2 smile

Better symmetry almost back to normal-ish








On December 16th, I had my second facial nerve reconstruction surgery.  Dr Azizida and Dr. Leader performed the surgery at Cedar Sinai Hospital. The procedure included attaching the nerves, he graphed the prior year to the nerve branches that control the right side of my face.

Additionally, he graphed a tendon from my right leg to the right side of my face to help lift my face and create a bit of laugh line.

Sutures removed where they graphed the tendon from in my leg

This will be a very slow recover process for the nerves to to fire and start to control normal facial functions (smile, expression, expression, skin lines) like I have on the left side of my face.  So far so good in the input from Dr. Azizzadeh

Checking progress

and Dr. Leader at all my follow ups all point to success long term.

For me it’s my face and I am very impatient but, I know it’s improving day by day. Where I can really tell the improvement is when I shave and have to manipulate my upper lip, mouth and chin to get hard to shave spots. My face has a lot better symmetry and get closer and closer to normal each day.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

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