I Love a Parade, Thanksgiving, and Search for a College…


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To kick off Christmas, I had the opportunity to represent the Make a Wish foundation, and grand marshal the San Clemente Christmas Parade – okay, I rode with Santa. It was pretty fun chillin with Santa and kicking off Christmas.

Thanksgiving trip… Football and a visit with Grandpa Richard

Headed up to Sacramento with the family to watch my buddy Jake Parks play some football with UC Davis.  Dudes a baller and starts as a freshman for the Aggies!  Then we headed up to Grandpa Richard’s house for Thanksgiving.  Hadn’t see Grandpa for 3 years and it was great catching up.

Checking out some Colleges

In early November, I had a chance to visit Washington and Oregon to check out a few schools where I would have an opportunity to play football after I graduate.  We visited Willamette University, The University of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran University where we caught a game in the rain. 

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  1. Kathy Ellis says:

    Hi Zach .. we have never met, but I am friends with your grandfather, Richard. I dearly wish I had known you were visiting this year, I would have loved to meet you. I’ve followed your story, and you are SUCH an inspiration!! I’ve had breast cancer, my friend Jeannie Komssi (whom I think you know) had a brain tumor in 2003, and there have been so many challenges in this life, but none as serious as yours at such a young age. I think of you often,and it’s as if I actually do already know you. I wish you all the very best life has to offer as you enter college and move on with your life. And next time you plan to be in the Placerville area to visit Grandpa, I hope I get advance notice. I’d love to just shake your hand, and maybe give you a hug. You are a modern wonder!!
    Kathy Ellis

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