Learning to do things all over


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Sitting up for the first time

My initial physical therapy session goal was 5 steps at a time walking from my bed, to a wheel chair or wheel chair to the toilet.  I progressed quickly, but before they would release me from the hospital, I needed to be able to walk up and down the stairs with assistance.

To put things in perspective, I went from playing Rugby (video) on January 14  to struggling to take 5 steps with a walker on January 24th to proving I could walk up and down 5-10 stairs in a stair well on January 27th so I could go home.


The incredible progress and recovery I’ve made is due to hard work, but also due to Mike and Pam Monahan at M&M physical therapy.  They give me a safe environment to work and the push me to use my time wisely so I get better everyday.

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