Woo whoo… got to go home


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I was released from the hospital on January 28th.

Rollin out of Choc

Chillen on the couch

For the next couple of days, I chilled on the couch, slept a lot – sleeping is the best medicine to heal the brain – and spent the night down stairs.  I slept on the couch on a huge foam wedge with a halo of pillows and ice around my head. 

The expectation was chill for a week or two and on to rehab.

I felt okay for about 2 days, but then when I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Loudon things went bad.  On February 2, I had a real bad headache and nausea, and on the ride to my appointment felt really sick – I thought it was my mom’s driving, or the stimulation/motion from the car ride.  It wasn’t.  Everything looked pretty good on the outside during my appointment, but Dr. Loudon wasn’t sure why I felt so bad.  I should have been feeling better. 

Once we left the Dr. office I really started feeling sick with a raging headache, and projectile vomited.  Sorry to be graphic, but there is normal vomiting and there is projectile – projectile means that means something bad is happening.

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