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Hey, Zach here, it’s been a little bit since I updated the website. This year has been quite the unexpected year for me. In the last story, I showed my facial progress, and it is still progressing as the days go on. I have a routine that I go through as “physical therapy” for my facial nerves. My parents give me a hard time because they do not see me doing it, but I am.

On another note, other things have happened in my life.

For one, my Tumorwarrior67 YouTube channel is growing and over the summer and other months my main focus has been on learning that process and how to grow on that platform. ‘

I do a lot of mountain biking and weight lifting in my free time so my videos right now consist mainly of mountain biking and a little weight lifting, but I intend on changing that soon.

I have been weight-lifting a lot and training for the football season in 2023. Over summer I was training for the 2022 season but that had a bit of a halt to it as another surgery was required. That surgery will come out later in a story focusing on it. It’s been a rough past couple of months for me mentally but I shall get over this “Bump in the Road” shortly.

Mountain biking, content creation, weight lifting, eating, and sleeping have been the brunt of my days in 2022. I have big things planned for the future with more details to come.

I finished out school in the spring of 2022 and fall of 2022, passing all of my classes and will be graduating next year (hopefully).

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