Kidney Issue – Surgery #4


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On March 3, I had a 2 hour kidney surgery at Choc – by Dr Wehbi, one of the best pediatric urologist in the world – to remove some of the kidney stones and insert a stent to relieve a blockage between my kidney and bladder due to a blocked ureter.

Clogged with stones

Roto rooter


A follow-up surgery would still be needed at a later date to remove the stent and balance of the kidney stones. The delay in the getting all of the stones out, was due to the fact that my ICP were dangerously high, and I needed that addressed before the kidneys.  Dr. Wehbi felt my kidney issue was stable.

Normal right, bad left…

CSF looking to escape

I also had an MRI of my head and it revealed that my ventricles were much enlarged, and that my CSF was causing the back of my head to swell – your body finds the least path of resistance to get rid of pressure.  The reason my body picked the back of my head was because the part of the skull that was cut open from my initial surgery and was not quite fused yet.   Once the EVD was in, we could literally lightly press on the back of my head and the CSF would drain into the reservoir of the EVD.

EVD reservoir- the fluid is my CSF

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