Lack of Sun and Vitamin D not good – Surgery #8


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On April 14 – not so Good Friday – I was supposed to have an easy surgery to remove the balance of the kidney stones and the stent put in on March 3.  Well, that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, during that surgery it was discovered that the stent was calcified to my ureter and it took the doctors roughly 4 hours to remove (literally chisel) the stent out, remove kidney stones and finish the procedure.  It should have been roughly a 2 hour procedure.

Since they did so much work in the urinary tract and scrapped the tissue in the ureter, they inserted a new stent and a catheter.  This was done to allow for my plumbing to heal and prevent an infection or damage to my urinary tract.  I stayed overnight at the hospital, and was released to go home on April 15.


So until May 1, my routine was pretty basic – Sleep, eat, PT, walk, antibiotics, walk, eat, sleep.  Except for a few inconveniences – 1) I still had the PIC line for IV antibiotics, 2) I had a urinary catheter, which had to be emptied quite frequently. What was good with the catheter though is I had a leg strap so I was pretty mobile so I could go places and do things.

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