Why do I walk funny or stumble some times?


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No use of my right arm (Video)

As expected, I did experience some deficits (balance and coordination issues) as the result of the initial tumor surgery.  Primarily, my right side was affected similar to how a stoke patient is affected after a stroke.   The cerebellum and brain stem were traumatized and as a result of the surgery, I have coordination issues with my right arm/hand and and right leg.  I had to relearn how to walk, write, along with the simplest of tasks such as tying my shoe, put on socks, brush my teeth, etc.
You may see me stumble around a bit, and that’s just my nerves not firing the way they should quite yet.  During physical therapy, I do many repetitive exercises

This ain’t prom… relearning how to walk (Video)

to get the nerve firing with my muscle and rebuild the nerve pathways.

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