No, I am not a Pirate – why the eye patch?


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Eye check at UCI

In addition to the right side deficits, the surgery also affected my vision – right eye specifically.  After surgery, I experienced double vision and still do.  This is caused by 6th nerve palsy which affects the nerve’s ability to control the muscles in my eye and allow it to move right to left in sync with my left eye.  When I woke up, I could not even move my right eye right of midline – the farthest right I could move it was center.  It is a lot better now, but still does not align perfectly.

Correcting the double vision takes time – time for the nerves to heal and relearn how to work with the muscles as well as having my brain know that it has to use both eyes together. This can take months to years.  Right now, I either wear an eye patch so I can see mono vision, or wear glasses with tape which helps stimulate the nerves and help retrain the muscles with the nerves.  I see two Ophthalmologists – one is a Neuro Ophthalmologist, Dr. Boisvert who understands the neuro functions of my eyes and brain, and one works with me to exercise my eyes to try to help correct my double vision – Dr Rakov.

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